The best part about working for Sharechest means I get to know all sorts of different companies – public, private, large, and small.  They all have one thing in common – they are actively seeking investors, and looking to optimize how they do so.  While some of these companies have already maximized their website as a one-stop shop for investors, others are barely taking advantage of tried-and-true investor engagement tools out there. 

To get you started, here are eleven different ways that you can ensure your website is ready for any potential investor.

  • Website
  • Investor’s Page
  • Stock Ticker and Price
  • Investor FAQ
  • Investor Video
  • Investor Presentation
  • Gated Content
  • Press Release & News
  • Contact Us Form
  • Chatbot
  • The Connector


First of all…do you have a website?  You’d be surprised how many people I talk to don’tt have a website at all.  This is totally fine while you are operating in stealth mode, but past a certain point you really need a landing page.  The first thing that I do when I hear about a new company is, google it – if you have no online presence out there, how does someone know that this is legitimate company?  I’d be hard pressed to part with my dollars for a company that I don’t know actually exists.

Investor’s Page

Having an investor’s page is common practice for any public company, but is equally important for private companies as well.  If you are open and able to take on new investors, how will a potential lead know you are open to discussing an investment if you don’t have any sort of indications on your website?  An investors page on your website serves multiple functions – it is a source of information for existing investors, but also a source of information for new leads as well.  This is a great place for a visitor to self-serve information they would like about the company and the opportunity.

Stock Ticker and Price

Are you publicly traded?  While doing due diligence on an investment, initially a new investor will look for your website, your stock ticker, and your price performance through time.  There are some great (free!) options out there that will display your stock price and other relevant market information (though most likely delayed).  I have definitely been taken by surprise when I discover that a company I thought was private is actually freely trading in the markets, and simply because it was not obvious what the stock symbol was.

Investor FAQ

Many companies we talk to encounter investors with the same sorts of questions and needs, again and again.  In fact, we’ve already highlighted some common questions above, such as latest press releases or the investor presentation, commonly found on the investors page.  If you are seeing repetive questions , consider putting together a good FAQ that addresses the most commonly asked, yet potentially difficult to find information in a central, easy to navigate location.

Investor Video

There is definitely an increasing trend of information being consumed via video more often than written forms such as newsletters.  If you haven’t already, consider putting together an investor focused video that highlights why your company makes a great investment, a walkthrough of your presentation, or simply a welcome message from your CEO.  Investors in particular respond well to seeing messages from management, especially if they are not in a position to be able to meet management in person.

Investor Presentation

An investor presentation is a great long-form method of telling your story and laying out the investment potential for a visitor.  Many investors will go to your website specifically looking for a slide presentation containing these pieces of information, and enjoy being kept in the loop as updates are made to the company presentation.  Ensure that you utilize your mailing list when there are refreshes to your corporate presentation. 

Gated Content

Gated content refers to content that is only available for download or viewing once someone provides their contact information.  This contact information can then be followed-up with a personal message, and may provide just the nudge required to turn a lead into an actual investor. 

Press Release & News

For some companies, the press corner is one of the most sought after pages on their website.  Your existing investors and potential investors will want to keep abreast of what your company is up to and enjoy being kept in the loop.  Aside from the press releases – blog posts, videos, and other forms of media meant to keep your user and investor base informed can be great supporting investor material.

Contact Us Form

What is the point of going through all the effort of seeking investors if there is no obvious way to reach out?  Surprisingly, not all companies make it easy to engage with management in any way shape or form.  This can be absolutely detrimental to engaging with investors, so don’t forget to ensure you have a contact us page that is easy to find and works!


Some companies have turned to chatbots to service their investor base.  To ensure maximum success, take the time to understand what investor needs your chatbot must serve, then design the right flows to meet those needs.  Many chatbots are able to allow investors to self-serve information and can be a powerful tool in your arsenal to target potential leads.

The Connector

The Sharechest way to engage with potential investors is through the Connector, a widget that sits on the right hand corner of your webpage and services common Investor needs.  Designed to be engaging and simple to use, the Connector immediately notifies a visitor that you are open to investors, and then allows you to collect key information on what the investor is looking for.  Armed with that information, our companies have been able to successfully engage with potential leads and secure investments up to $500,000. 

Don’t leave anything to chance – make sure your website is investor ready today by taking advantage of our one-month free trial option for new clients. Get started by clicking here.

Sarah Sun

CEO & co-Founder

Passionate about technology, data, investing, and STEM, Sarah is one of the three co-founders of Sharechest.