Sharechest Supports a Private Placement

Honey Badger Silver Inc. was planning a financing at the beginning of 2021, and were looking for an innovative way to engage with potential investors on their website, and efficiently manage their order book.  As a publicly traded silver exploration company trading on the TSX Ventures Exchange, Honey Badger knew that their website would be the main source of information for their existing and potential investors.  They knew that simply having a Contact Us form and an Investors Corner was a good start, but not enough to maximize the potential of their private placement.

Existing solutions on the market were either too costly to build, too difficult and time consuming to implement, or simply not built for the investor experience. 

Honey Badger’s goals were the following:

  • Pre-measure interest in a financing to judge the right timing and size of the private placement
  • Attract and gather high quality investment leads
  • Build their order book and grow investor demand
  • Manage investor leads and the order book efficiently and effectively

To meet their goals, Honey Badger was set up with the Connector to engage with investors directly on their website, and a Dashboard to manage all their leads in one easy place.  Install took a few minutes, and within 12 hours of going live, their first submission was ready for review.

Image of the Connector on the Honey Badger Silver website.

Our first submission from the Connector was actually from an individual based halfway around the world, and came in with sizeable investment intent.  Absolutely incredible and really goes to show that you need to make it dead simple for investors to connect with you!

Chad Williams, Chairman and Interim CEO

This was only the first indication for Honey Badger that there was significant appetite in the markets to successfully launch a private placement.  Within a week, submissions from the Connector averaged more than $52,000 each, and the Manager of Investment Relations at Honey Badger was able to use this as the basis for their order book.

Within a few short weeks, Sharechest has become an integral part of the investor engagement strategy at Honey Badger Silver Inc. 

When all was said and done, 40% of inquiries about investing came through the Connector, and all of them were previously unknown to us.  This captured investor information much more effectively than our Contact Us form, and was much easier to manage the investor inquiries as they came in than other methods we’ve tried

Manager of Investment Relations, Honey Badger Silver Inc.

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